Family Night Ideas

Friday night is our night for  family , not that the other nights aren't special, but by the end of the week after my husband's and my work and after the kids' long week at school, friends' houses, or even work; we just melt down and spend this night together in sort of a special way. Here are four  family  night ideas that will [...]

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Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving Day With Your Family

Without a doubt Thanksgiving is a day that ought to be filled with hope, gratitude, and happiness. It is a time of togetherness and for appreciation of our family and [...]

Family Law Attorney – The End Of A Love Story

The StoryOnce a girl named Sally met a boy named Harry. They fell in love, got married, bought a house and had two kids. Day by day Harry starts to hate the fried eggs [...]

Family Cell Phone Plans

The best  family  cell phone plans contain two or more (up to five) lines combined on a single bill, with one shared  family  rate plan. Each [...]

Family Fun Gets Dirty With Outdoor Exploration

As parents, it is easy to fall into the very adult traps of overscheduling, overplanning, and overspending on  family  fun. Kids, on the other hand, are [...]

Improve Family Relationships

 Family  is important. It takes commitment and hard work to improve  family  relationships. With all the negative influences around us, we struggle [...]

Family Guy Characters

Peter Griffin: The father of the Griffin  family . Portrayed as an average American guy, overweight, incompetent. He tries at times to be a good father to his [...]

Family Birthdays on a Budget

Remember when you had just one child and "the sky was the limit" as far as birthday parties were concerned. You probably didn't even bother to add up the costs of all [...]

Generations Family Tree

Generations  Family  Tree is a software package that is no longer being produced but can still be located on sites like and Keep in [...]

Family Traditions – Why Should We Keep Them?

The holidays are some of the best times and opportunities we have to continue our  family  traditions. Many of us can recall how our  families  [...]

The New Advertising!

Shoppers' Voice provides strong, accountable (New) advertising, Marketing leadership in driving business success has never been in more demand, however they desperately [...]